What Is Outbox In Outlook?

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The Outbox in Microsoft Outlook serves as a crucial component in managing emails, facilitating the sending process, and troubleshooting email-related issues. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the role of the Outbox, its functionalities, and how it operates within the Outlook email client.

What Is Outbox In Outlook?

Grasp the fundamental definition of the Outbox within Microsoft Outlook. Highlight its purpose as a temporary holding area where outgoing emails reside before being sent from the user’s mailbox.

Location Of The Outbox In Outlook:

Navigate through the Outlook interface to identify the location of the Outbox. Provide step-by-step guidance on accessing the Outbox in various versions of Outlook, including Outlook for desktop, web, and mobile devices.

How The Outbox Functions In Outlook:

Explore the functionality of the Outbox in the email-sending process. Discuss how emails are queued in the Outbox before being dispatched, providing users the opportunity to review or edit messages before sending.

Understanding Emails Stuck In Outbox:

Address the common issue of emails getting stuck in the Outbox and not sending. Discuss potential causes such as internet connectivity issues, large attachment sizes, or misconfigured settings, and provide troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue.

Sending Emails From The Outbox:

Discuss the process of sending emails from the Outbox in Outlook. Guide users on how to manually initiate the sending process for emails queued in the Outbox, ensuring prompt delivery.

Outbox In Outlook Across Different Platforms:

Explore the presence and functionality of the Outbox in various versions of Outlook, including Outlook for Mac, Outlook 365, Outlook web app, and Outlook for Android. Highlight any differences in appearance or functionality across these platforms.

Troubleshooting Emails Stuck In Outbox:

Provide a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for resolving issues related to emails stuck in the Outbox. Include steps to check settings, ensure proper network connectivity, and troubleshoot any software-related problems causing email delivery delays.

Preventing Emails From Staying In The Outbox:

Offer best practices and tips to prevent emails from remaining in the Outbox. Emphasize practices such as verifying recipients, maintaining a stable internet connection, and managing large attachments to ensure smooth email delivery.


The Outbox in Microsoft Outlook plays a pivotal role in managing outgoing emails, ensuring their smooth delivery, and providing users with control over their sent messages. By understanding its functionalities and troubleshooting methods, individuals can optimize their email-sending experience within the Outlook environment. Embrace the functionality and significance of the Outbox in facilitating efficient email communication through Microsoft Outlook!


Why Are My Emails Getting Stuck In My Outbox?

An email can also get stuck in the Outbox if it has a very large attachment. Your email provider may block emails with attachments larger than a size they specify. For general email performance, it is not recommended that you send an attachment larger than a few megabytes.

Do Emails In Outbox Get Sent?

The outbox is where your outgoing emails are temporarily stored before they are sent, while the sent folder is where copies of the emails you have already sent are stored for reference. Once an email leaves the outbox and is successfully sent, it is moved to the sent folder.

How Do I Stop Outlook From Sending Emails From My Outbox?

Pause the send/receive process: To prevent Outlook from attempting to send the emails in the Outbox, go to the “Send/Receive” tab on the top menu bar. Click on the “Work Offline” button to stop the send/receive process temporarily. This will halt the sending of any pending emails.

What Is The Difference Between Outbox And Drafts Folder?

Once you send the email, it will be removed from the Drafts folder and put in the Sent folder. If you have created an email to send at some point in the future, it will be temporarily stored in the Outbox folder and sent automatically later on. The Outbox folder is only shown if there are unsent emails.

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