What Is Lomo?

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In the realm of culinary delights, the term “Lomo” holds a rich and diverse legacy across different cultures, each infusing its unique essence into this gastronomic wonder. From its origins in Spanish cuisine to its manifestations in various dishes worldwide, Lomo embodies a flavorful journey worth savoring. In this blog post, let’s embark on a savory exploration of Lomo, uncovering its meanings, culinary applications, and cultural significance.

What Is Lomo?

  • Spanish Origins: In Spanish cuisine, “Lomo” refers specifically to pork loin—a tender and flavorful cut of meat often used in various traditional dishes. It’s highly esteemed for its succulence and versatility in cooking.
  • Preparation and Varieties: Spanish Lomo undergoes meticulous preparation, often marinated with spices, herbs, and sometimes wine or vinegar before being cured and air-dried, creating Lomo embuchado—a delectable cured pork loin often sliced thinly and enjoyed as a tapa or in sandwiches.

Cultural Significance:

  • Traditional Cuisine: Lomo holds a revered place in Spanish culinary traditions, featuring prominently in dishes like Lomo a la Parilla (grilled pork loin), Lomo al Jerez (pork loin cooked with sherry), or Lomo Adobado (marinated pork loin).
  • Global Influences: The concept of Lomo has transcended Spanish borders, inspiring variations and interpretations in different cuisines worldwide. In Latin American cuisine, “Lomo” might refer to beef loin, prepared in diverse ways such as Lomo Saltado in Peruvian cuisine—a stir-fry dish blending beef, onions, tomatoes, and spices.

Lomo In Different Cultures:

  • Peru: Lomo Saltado, a popular Peruvian dish, showcases stir-fried beef loin combined with vegetables and served with rice or potatoes, reflecting a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian culinary influences.
  • Spain: Spanish cuisine celebrates Lomo Embuchado—a cured pork loin with spices and herbs, offering a savory and aromatic experience in tapas or sandwiches.
  • Culinary Adaptations: Other cultures and cuisines have embraced their interpretations of Lomo, incorporating their culinary traditions and flavors to create diverse and delightful dishes.


Lomo stands as a testament to the culinary artistry and diversity found across cultures. From its roots in Spanish cuisine to its evolution into various interpretations worldwide, Lomo embodies a spectrum of flavors, textures, and cultural influences, enriching the culinary landscape with its savory presence.

Whether it’s the succulent Spanish Lomo Embuchado or the vibrant Peruvian Lomo Saltado, the essence of Lomo continues to captivate palates globally, inviting food enthusiasts on an enticing journey through its savory and aromatic pathways.


What Is A Lomo Meat?

Lomo is the Spanish word for tenderloin. Beef tenderloin is simply called lomo, while pork tenderloin can be called lomo de cerdo, lomo ibérico, lomo embuchado or lomo de cebón. It can be bought cured or uncured. Lomo embuchado is an air dried loin of pork that is considered to be a delicacy.

What Is Lomo In English Food?

To complicate matters further, in Spain Beef tenderloin is simply called ‘Lomo’ whereas Pork tenderloin rejoices under such names as ‘lomo de cerdo’, ‘lomo ibérico’, ‘lomo de embuchado’ or ‘lomo cebón’ – tenderloin fattened on barley, apparently.

What Type Of Cut Is Lomo?

Lomo (tenderloin): Located beneath the ribs, it has very low fat and it is an extremely tender part of the animal, being the most expensive cut. Pair it with some mustard or mushrooms sauce and it is guaranteed to take you to heaven in one bite.

What Cut Is Lomo Pork?

Better known as tenderloin, the pork loin comes from a section of the pig between its shoulders and its back legs. Like beef tenderloin, the lomo is the most tender section and the leanest one to boot.

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