What Is A Double Dribble?

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In the fast-paced world of basketball, understanding the rules is essential for players and enthusiasts alike. One common infraction that can turn the tide of a game is the infamous double dribble. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the nuances of what constitutes a double dribble, why it’s a violation, and how players can avoid committing this error on the court.

What Is A Double Dribble?

A double dribble in basketball refers to a violation that occurs when a player dribbles the ball, momentarily stops, and then resumes dribbling. Alternatively, it can occur when a player dribbles with both hands simultaneously or starts dribbling again after ceasing and regaining control of the ball.

What Is Considered A Double Dribble:

A double dribble is considered when a player fails to maintain continuous control of the ball while dribbling or when they restart dribbling after a brief interruption. Understanding the nuances of what constitutes a double dribble is crucial for players to avoid penalties during gameplay.

Why Is Double Dribble Illegal:

The prohibition of double dribble is rooted in the principles of fair play and maintaining the integrity of the game. Allowing players to stop and restart dribbling freely would lead to unfair advantages and disrupt the flow of the game.

Double Dribble Example:

An example of a double dribble is when a player, while dribbling down the court, momentarily stops, holds the ball, and then resumes dribbling. Another instance is when a player starts dribbling with one hand, stops, and continues dribbling with the other hand.

What Is A Double Dribble Nba:

In the NBA (National Basketball Association), the rules regarding double dribble mirror those of standard basketball. The league maintains consistency in officiating to ensure fairness and uniformity across all levels of play.

Double Dribble Basketball Game:

In a basketball game, a double dribble violation results in a turnover, meaning the opposing team gains possession of the ball. This turnover can significantly impact the momentum and outcome of the game.

Double Dribble Violation:

A double dribble violation is signaled by the referees using a distinct hand gesture, usually involving a tapping motion near the chest or shoulder area. Players should be attentive to these signals to understand the nature of the infraction.

How To Avoid Double Dribble In Basketball:

To avoid committing a double dribble, players must maintain continuous control of the ball while dribbling. They should refrain from stopping and starting again, as well as using both hands simultaneously during a dribble. Consistent practice and adherence to fundamental dribbling techniques can help players develop the skills needed to avoid this violation.


Mastering the fundamentals of basketball, including understanding and avoiding double dribble violations, is crucial for players aspiring to excel on the court. By respecting the rules and regulations, players contribute to the fair and competitive spirit of the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a spectator cheering from the sidelines, grasping the intricacies of a double dribble adds depth to your appreciation of basketball, highlighting the importance of skill, strategy, and adherence to the rules.


What Is The Difference Between Traveling And Double Dribble?

A travel is if you aren’t dribbling the ball and walk. Double dribble is you dribble then pick up the ball and dribble again.

Is Double Dribble Still A Thing?

A player shall not dribble for a second time after his first dribble has ended unless between the 2 dribbles he has lost control of a live ball on the playing court because of: A shot for a field goal. A touch of the ball by an opponent. A pass or fumble that has touched or been touched by another player.

What Is Consequences Of Double Dribble?

If a player commits a double dribble violation, the ball is awarded to the other team who then must take the ball out of bounds at the location of the infraction.

Why Can’t You Dribble With Two Hands?

The fact of the matter is, according to the rules, as long as your hand doesn’t go directly under the ball (and you’re not palming the ball or otherwise gripping it to keep it suspended) or touching the ball with both hands at once then your dribble is live.

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