how to change voicemail on iphone

Being a regular iOS user, do you know how to change voicemail on iPhone? Voicemail is a computer-based system that allows its users to exchange personal voice messages. Almost all iOS devices use voicemail as a basic feature. In today’s post, I will discuss how to change voicemail messages on iPhone 8, 11, and other versions. A personalized voicemail greeting ensures that your message is delivered to the correct person. This feature can also be used to give special instructions to callers. Without wasting much time, let us now find out how to change voicemail on iPhone in detail.

How To Change Voicemail On iPhone?

You can follow these steps to know how to change voicemail on iPhone.

  1. From your device’s Home screen, tap on the Phone app.
  2. Then, tap on Voicemail .
  3. Navigate to the top left corner of your screen to select Greeting.
  4. Here, tap on Custom to change your voicemail.
  5. Then, tap on the Record button to start recording your custom greeting messages.
  6. Once you’re done, tap on the Stop button to end the recording.
  7. In the end, tap on the Save option to save your voicemail.

Thus, when you don’t want to answer the phone, the person calling you will be directed to your custom voicemail greeting!

Change Voicemail Password On iPhone

Luckily, you can also change your voicemail password via the Setting app. Follow these steps to know how to change the voicemail password on iPhone.

  1. In the Settings app, scroll down to select Phone.
  2. Then, again scroll down to select the Change Voicemail Password option.
  3. A keypad will appear on your screen.
  4. Here, enter your new voicemail password.
  5. Tap on Done in the upper right-hand corner once you’ve changed the password.
  6. Re-enter the new password to ensure that it’s correct.

You’ve now successfully changed your voicemail password.

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How Do I Change My Voicemail Message On My Iphone?

Apple iPhone – Change Voicemail Greeting

  1. From a Home screen, tap the. Phone app.
  2. Voicemail. then tap. Greeting.
  3. Custom. to record a greeting. Enabled when a checkmark is present.
  4. Record. to begin recording the custom greeting message. To listen to your recording before saving, tap.
  5. Stop. to end recording then tap. Save.

How Do You Delete Your Voicemail?

It may be stored on your devices or the devices you contacted.

  1. Open the Voice app .
  2. On the bottom, tap Messages , Calls , or Voicemail .
  3. Tap a conversation, call, or voicemail to select it More options .
  4. Tap Delete Tap the box next to “I understand”

Where Is Voicemail On My Phone?

Open the Phone app . On the bottom, tap Voicemail . If you can’t find “Voicemail,” call your voicemail instead.

Why Can’t I Get Voicemail On My Iphone?

If your voicemail isn’t working and you don’t have data turned on, enabling it could resolve the issue. Head to Settings > Cellular and tap Cellular Data to turn it on. If you’re on a limited data plan, there are options to reduce your data usage and still receive voicemails.

How Do You Access Voicemail On An iPhone?

Your iPhone organizes voicemails automatically, making them a snap to browse and play. To retrieve and listen to voicemail messages, touch the Phone icon on the home screen, then tap the Voicemail symbol at the bottom of the screen. Press the “Play” button next to any message to hear it.

How Can I Change My Voicemail Greeting On Iphone?

To change your voicemail greeting on iPhone, go to the voicemail tab and tap on Greeting. You’ll be able to listen to your current greeting and choose a default or custom greeting. If you choose custom, you’ll be prompted to record a greeting.


In the above post, I’ve explained how to change voicemail greeting on iPhone in detail. iOS voicemail service is still appreciated and used by many people. This service is useful when our line is busy or we’re away from the phone. Unfortunately, this service is set up with your carrier’s generic greeting by default. Go to the voicemail tab to change your voicemail greeting. Here, tap on Greeting and choose Custom to record a new voicemail. While changing your voicemail password, enter a password no less than four and no more than ten digits. By learning how to change voicemail on iPhone, you can set custom voicemail greetings!


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